Secure Data Backup Services


Store your data securely in 4 different locations.

Istanbul – Ankara – Izmir – Bursa

  • Windows and Linux backup solution
  • CryptoLocker protection
  • Protect your entire workforce in 4 different locations
  • Multiple backup and recovery options

Backup Options

Backing up the entire computer
Automatically excludes unnecessary files.
back up all.

Volume level backup
Block for specific drives or volumes on your computer
use level backup.

File level
Select different file masks or folders to back up.

Active full backup
By scheduling periodic active full backups when necessary,
Do not compromise backup policies.

Recovery Options

Full restore
Restore your entire system to the same or different hardware.

File-level restore
Restore different files of all backup types in minutes!

Bootable recovery environment
Create a recovery image of your Linux system on several different types of media and use it to perform volume or file level restores.